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Monday, March 6, 2017

Welcome to BladeFlick

BladeFlick, founded in 2016, is a start-up company specializing in American-made knives for self-defense. They donated the third-place knife, an Emerson CQC 8; this is the first time I've seen an Emerson in my grubby little (ok, x-large) hands for an extended period of time, and I must say: the blade is a work of art.

BladeFlick is customer service oriented; they offer free shipping on all orders, and will do whatever it takes to help their customers find the perfect knife for their unique needs.

I first met the owner last fall, and asked him if he could get me a particular discontinued Spyderco knife. He told me it was no problem - and I chuckled under my breath, having heard that so many times it had become a punchline to a bad joke - and quote me a price that was great.  However, I figured that this was just more of the same, and I'd never hear from him again.

The following day, I ran through my voice mail for the final check of the day. There was one message "Bob, hi. This is Connor from BladeFlick, calling to let you know I have your knife ready. Please email me with shipping details when you get a chance."

I called Connor back, and we chatted for a few minutes. I mentioned this raffle, not expecting anything - after, they are a small startup, watching every penny. Connor asked for some details, and then told me he would like to send me the Emerson as a donation.

Within a week, a package arrived containing the Emerson - so far ahead of schedule that I've had to hold myself back from playing with it. I finally gave in, and dropped him an email, asking him to get me my own Super Commander.

Who knows, maybe Connor also knows a thing or two about sales?

Drop them an email: info{at}bladeflick{DOT}com - tell them you heard about them here, and be sure to ask if they might have any active discount coupons. Be sure to thank them for generously supporting cancer research.

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