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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Rolling along to a higher standard

We have sold some tickets!

I say "we" because although this was my idea, and I'm responsible, there are so many good people involved in the realization of the idea that I feel as though I'm part of a team.

In any event, we are rolling along, despite the normal bumps in the road.

As promised I am posting more pictures of prizes. Since every prize package will include a PK Design Labs Flashlight, here's what that light looks like:

PK Design Labs: PK-FL2-LE

PK Design Labs: PK-FL2-LE

Please note: these are pictures of my personal copy of the light. If you zoom in, and notice scratches, or whatever, don't worry. I've had my light for a number of months.

As well, the lights have arrived from Hong Kong, and will be on their way to...the engraver!  In order to make the event a bit more memorable, and to have something quite special that nobody else will have, we are getting the lights engraved with (something like): Blades Against Myelofibrosis Inaugural Benefit - Ides of March, 2017.

As with everything else in this benefit, we are holding ourselves to a higher-than-normal standard. Where other people might be content to make available t-shirts, we're not only doing that, but we are also providing high-end flashlights with custom engraving.

This is another example of how things should be done. 

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