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Thursday, March 23, 2017


We are, as the saying goes, off and running. Tickets are selling. We are generating more and more buzz. We're wrapping up final details with sponsors; our flashlights are on the way to be engraved - we have 12 extremely good flashlights 

WorkSharp Ken Onion with options

Now it's primarily a question of finding the time for me to get everything done, to keep existing processes on track, and to manage the fiduciary responsibilities. 

I'm also going to provide a "user guide to raffles" if you will - essentially a guide that outlines the different tasks involved in holding a raffle, from identifying an overall theme to finding sponsors to deciding on prizes, ticket costs, sponsors, and odds. This guide is largely what I've learned from puttting this raffle together.

WorkSharp Guided System with swag
Note: both systems come with a shirt, cap, and coffee mug.

The above pictures are of the WorkSharp prizes, which will be 4th and 5th place. The next pics to post will be a couple more of the Emerson, and then I'll dig into the top 2 prizes, the customized knives.

We have, theoretically, two weeks left. I suspect I'll extend that deadline; we have been impacted by a couple events involving credit card processing that were beyond our control and yet necessary to work through.

While that doesn't leave me happy, these items were critical; I think I handled them well considering.

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