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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Welcome PK Design Lab as a sponsor!

Paul Kim (PK), former Senior Vice President of Engineering at Surefire, should be a familiar name to anybody with more than a cursory knowledge of the flashlight industry. Surefire was among the first, if not the first, military light supplier to turn to the consumer marketplace, and market their military lights as "tactical."  Many of their early models defined "tactical." Their lights, under PK's guidance, represented the zenith of reliability, brightness, and usability. 

It used to be said that there were "lumens" and then there were "SureFire Lumens."  SureFire never played the numbers game very well. PK believes in honesty in all things, even his product specifications.

Called by the New York Times a "modern militant" PK holds over 100 patents related to the lighting industry, and left SureFire to found PK Design Lab, a company whose motto "Designed for Cultivated Expectations" is redefining "lumens" once again. With the first light produced, the PK-2F-LE, a limited edition handheld powerhouse, PK has shown us what "PK Lumens" means.

Rated at 650 Lumens, the 2F simply blows away my Fenix lights rated at 1,000 lumens: not only in brightness, but in the aspects of usability, grip, and beam quality. The beam from the 2F is a superb combination of throw and spill. It weighs 6oz and is waterproof, impact resistant, and hard-anodized; easily fits in a pocket, and has great tint. It passes my 100 yard driveway test easily, which is no mean feat for such a compact light.

These lights were originally priced at $190 each; they are available now for about ~$100 each. Powered by a pair of CR123a primary batteries, they have a low (20 lumen) and high (650 lumen) setting, with up to 24 hours runtime from a set of batteries.

These are the lights PK is donating. Each prize package will include one such light.

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