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Thursday, June 8, 2017

New Prize Package!

If you watch Nick Shabazz's Youtube channel, this is probably not news: yesterday, June 7, Nick did a quick "shout-out" piece on this fundraiser. I spoke with Nick yesterday afternoon, and I did my best to fill him in on the MPN Research Foundation; on the goals of the fundraiser, and finally we talked for a bit about zombies.

The video can be seen here. It's a quick overview of what I'm trying to do with this fundraiser, and why.

Nick also happened to have a new knife in for review. As he mentions in the video, typically when he is done reviewing the knife, he bags it up, sells it, and donates the proceeds to a charity. In this case, he is giving the knife to the fundraiser.

It is a Kizer Feist, and we will have it prior to the end of donations. I thought about how to award this, and decided that it was something special: after all, Nick went out of his way to give us a shout-out, and his YouTube channel is for everybody. That means, in my mind, that everybody should have a chance to win his donation.

So, here's the deal. After I award the five prize packages already set up, I'm going to assign a number which is in the range of ticket numbers to the knife. I will then use the random generator at to pick one number in the range; that number, randomly generated, will be the winner of Nick's prize. 

It doesn't matter if you have won another prize or not. Everybody has an equal chance at winning this. I think that's fair, equitable, and in keeping with the spirit of treating everybody the same, which is one of the unspoken rules of the knife community.

Oh: there will be another knife as part of this. A knife that will leave zombies quivering in their rancid boots.

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