The inaugural fundraiser to help the MPN Research Foundation.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

It's Over Now...

Well, almost. I'm starting the drawings.

I have contacted the first place winner via the email address I was given. I will give that person 48 hours to contact me and let me know which prize package they wish. If they haven't contacted me in that time, I will award them the default first place package.

I will then draw the second place winner, and so on.

Congratulations to Michelle G. for winning first place!


I have notified the second place winner, and they have 48 hours to contact me and claim their prize.

Congratulations to Steve Shafley for winning second place!

Congratulations to Josh Lochner on winning the 3rd place prize package! The WorkSharp powered sharpening system is really a great sharpener; I use it on kitchen knives and other knives that don't require precision or that require a lot of stock removal. 

T-Shirts: the shirts are ordered. I expect to have them within a couple weeks, and then I have to re-mail them to all participants. I'm investigating the least expensive way for me to do this without having a car.

I have notified the fourth place winner, and they have 48 hours to contact me and claim their prize. Dave Denny has won the fourth place package, and his support of this cause was greatly appreciated.


I have notified the fifth place winner, and am waiting for a reply. Once I have that reply, I will draw the winner of the bonus round.

Congratulations to David Miller for winning fifth place!


The WorkSharp manual system is really a great sharpener. It is a superb first "serious" sharpener for the beginner: it teaches fundamental skills of sharpening - for instance, the importance of holding a consistent angle. Combine the stock system with the diamond stone upgrades, and you have a capable sharpener for all your knives.

I am now drawing the winner for a quite special package. This package was donated to the fundraiser at the last minute, as soon as the gentlemen in question learned I was holding the fundraiser.

Nick Shabazz, that random jackass on YouTube*, donated a review sample of a Kizer Feist. This gentleman's front flipper, a Justin Lundquist design, is beautifully executed in an understated fashion. Not big, not gaudy, a perfect EDC for the busy executive. Nothing is skimped in terms of quality: the blade is a stonewashed S35VN, which will take and hold an edge quite nicely.

Gray titanium handles, nicely smoothed and curving with no sharp edges insure that holding and working with this knife is a joy. The framelock is solid; in a move Nick has to love, the pocket clip is an aesthetic win - heck, even the screws are designed with aesthetics in mind.

The other quite special blade in this package is a different emphasis altogether: donated by Andy Richardson, the Kershaw Link, with a largely red handle (one of the official colors of myelofibrosis) is a larger knife, more heavy duty. It also has an S35VN blade, but this one has a blackwash finish, and is large and sculpted.

Designed as a salute to America, the red, white, and blue elements work together nicely in this assisted liner lock.