The inaugural fundraiser to help the MPN Research Foundation.

Sponsor List

Without our sponsor's generous donations, this raffle would not happen.

Spyderco, Inc. - Stay Sharp! Founded by Sal and Gail Glesser in 1976, they introduced their first folding knive in 1981. I purchased my Spyderco folder in 1992; I still have that knife (the Econo) and it's still going strong, today.

PK Design Lab - Cultivated Expectations from the brain of a Modern Militant.

Paul Kim (PK) former Vice President of Engineering with SureFire, launched PK Design to realize his dreams of designs with no limits. I first discovered PK's amazing work when searching for that "special" flashlight for myself. I found that light with the PK-FL2-LE. I learned that while others are busy playing the spec game, PK is designing flashlights.

Razor Edge Knives - Josh provides some of the best custom work to knives you'll ever find. You can also check out his website, and reach him via email at: josh at

Sketchen Scales - Steve has an incredible eye for scales (handles) and other design elements of knives. His InstaGram Feed provides examples of his work. Steve also stays current with various materials being developed, and knows what materials will work the best for a given knife application. Believe it or not, but a true combat knife which will be used when covered in blood has different grip requirements than a gentleman's pocket folder used in the office to open envelopes.

Steve can be reached at: sketchenscales at
BladeFlick is a startup company specializing in knives with an emphasis on self-defense. Carrying such esteemed brands as Emerson, Zero Tolerance, and Benchmade, contact Connor Mahoney for a consultation or pricing request. I've worked with Connor, and can personally recommend him. He's patient, knowledgeable, quickly grasps his client's true needs, and offers solutions to meet those needs. Connor can be reached via email:

WorkSharp Tools, a division of Darex, LLC. makes some of the best hobbyist-level power knife sharpeners in existence. When I was looking for sharpening tools, I asked a professional bladesmith for recommendations. We talked about my needs, use, and abilities: from that conversation emerged a single recommendation to purchase the WorkSharp Ken Onion Edition with the optional Blade Grinding Attachment. Darex is a family owned business in the USA, and they make a variety of speciality sharpening tools.

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