The inaugural fundraiser to help the MPN Research Foundation.

The MPN Research Foundation

The MPN Research Foundation is the organization which will benefit from the raffle. The foundation was started in 1999 in Chicago; to date, they have raised over 10M USD for institution independent research. This is certainly impressive; and I don't mean to downplay it with what follows.

Even more impressive is the direct help they provide to people like me, the patients who are suffering. They provide a variety of educational services, ranging from a mailing list to a cornucopia of YouTube videos - and the information ranges from the introductory, easy to understand, to more esoteric topics. They work with "rock star" MPN Specialists, who are available to consult with patients like me; this can often fill the gap created by a lack of education most hematologists receive on MPNs. It gives us, the patients, a valuable resource.

Please take a moment, follow the link, and learn how the foundation benefits so many with so little.

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